Welcome to the Tristram Plants website. We are Walberton Nursery (founded in 1973 by David Tristram), Binsted Nursery (founded in 1978 by Rosemary Tristram) and Fleurie Nursery (founded in 1986 by Chris and Martine Tellwright), nestled between the South Downs and the southern coastal plain in West Sussex. All three businesses are now led by Mike Tristram with Managing Director Marc Jones and Directors Martin Emmett and Steve Carter. We are 80% of The Farplants Group – a cooperative of businesses growing and together marketing over 2000 plant varieties, worth more than £50 million retail. Walberton, Binsted and Fleurie Nurseries operate across eleven sites in the local area and employ 115 permanent members of staff, with up to 40 seasonal staff.  We grow more than 10 million plants a year and we sell these, as Farplants, to garden retailers up and down the country.

Walberton, Binsted and Fleurie are well known employers in the local area, with the vast majority of permanent staff living within 15 miles of their workplace. We are committed to providing equal opportunities and creating a welcoming working environment for all new employees. Amongst our current staff we have former members of the armed forces; people with engineering and marketing backgrounds; scientists; people from more than a dozen different countries spanning the globe; people who have followed the more traditional horticulture route; students who regularly work for us during their summer holidays. There really is a place for everyone in Horticulture and for that reason, Tristram Plants are passionate about getting people interested in our sector because it is such a satisfying industry to work in. We provide work experience for students from St. Philip Howard School; are currently engaged in creating a bespoke horticulture course in collaboration with Plumpton College; attend careers fairs; participate in the MDS graduate scheme to provide training for future managers; and in 2021 we advertised 5 new Apprenticeships for the first time that will provide opportunities to learn our trade and gain a formal qualification in Horticulture.

We recognise that the work we do can sometimes be physically demanding, but much of it takes place outdoors in the fresh air, away from the confines of conventional office environments, so is an extremely rewarding and healthy environment to work in. We pride ourselves on providing a friendly, family atmosphere that is recognised within the local community, offer ample training and development opportunities, hold yearly staff BBQs in the summer and Christmas Parties, and provide hot and cold ‘treats’ in between to help get through the more extreme British weather conditions!

Our staff work at the forefront of our industry to ensure we can fully contribute to industry matters and guarantee the sustainable development of the garden plant industry. We are actively involved in growing media trials working towards the government target of going peat free by 2030; we spearheaded the national change from unrecyclable black pots to fully recyclable taupe pots in 2019, which was one of the quickest nationwide changes to ever affect the industry; we have representatives on a number of national committees and industry bodies, for example, RHS trials, OHAS, the HTA and the NFU to make sure we are fully immersed in all aspects of the ornamental horticulture industry. And to ensure our nursery names remain at the forefront of the industry, we of course continue with our unique plant breeding programmes that have formed the foundation of our businesses for many years, regularly releasing new and novel varieties onto the market….watch this space!

To read more about how the businesses began, click on the links below, or here to read about the Tristram Family History.